Kyiv in detail: the project “SHUKAI!”

The history of Kyiv is a bit more than chestnuts, the Dnipro and the deepest metro station in the world. Do you want to dive into the true heart of Ukraine? Then, the "Shukai" project is a great guide through the arteries of our wonderful city.

If you are familiar with Wroclaw gnomes, then you should know that over 300 pieces are scattered around Wroclaw and it is very easy to find them. However, they all tell only one story, in contrast to the Kyiv sculptures of the "Shukai" Project.


SHUKAI. Kyiv Chess

"Shukai" Is the history of Kyiv in bronze mini-sculptures. There are 12 guides in Kyiv:

  • Chicken Kyiv
  • Kyiv Chestnut
  • Kyiv Cake
  • Kyiv dry jam
  • Kyiv crew
  • Kyiv tram
  • Kyiv plinfa
  • Kyiv fountain
  • Kyiv elephant
  • Kyiv gramophone
  • Kyiv pectoral
  • Kyiv Samson
  • Kyiv Computer
  • Golden Gates
  • Kyiv Hero Kozhumiaka
  • Serge Lifar's Golden shoe
  • Kyiv coffee
  • Sikorskiy Helicopter
  • Kyiv Chess
  • Kyiv Velodrome

SHUKAI. Chicken Kyiv

Each of these sculptures is a symbol of the city and tells about the soul of the Ukrainian capital. This is a clever way to dive with a head into a wave of hidden history.


SHUKAI. Kyiv coffee

But this is not the limit. The "Shukai" Team is already working on the creation of new sculptures, and in 2019, another 3 soldiers, the ambassadors of the alternative history of the city, will join the army of small Kyiv guides.

київський торт_проект Шукай_2

SHUKAI. Kyiv Cake

You can find sculptures with audio guides. Just download Kyiv City Guide on your smartphone, choose the language you want and be ready for the first in your life as much as possible informative city-rally.

You can read about each of the sculptures on our Facebook page by hashtag #проектшукай_Garis