Kyiv in detail: project “Bridges”

Kyiv is, first of all, about people ... and about bridges. It so happened that Kyiv bridges can be compared to seams on hats from couture. They are priceless. What in these bridges can be amazing? Let's understand.

In total in the Ukrainian capital there are about 150 bridges and overpasses, of which 33 are water. 8 bridge transitions stretched over the Dnieper. All bridges were built at different times and times, so they "write" the history of the city.

Darnytsky bridge. The best city view opens in Miley Cyrus' clip, where she fled the police. However, the bridge in the clip is the only profit. The main part of the bridge is the main rail link between the right and the left fund. The bridge was built in 1951. 


Darnytsky bridge

Southern Bridge. This is the highest bridge in Kyiv, its height is 135 m. It was South Bridge that was devoted to the fourth film of the extreme documentary film project "Invasion".

мост 1

Southern Bridge

North bridge (in the recent past was Moscow). This bridge combines the residential areas of the two shores. The complex complex combines bridges across the Dnieper and Desenka rivers, as well as the road to Trukhanov island. The bridge project was developed for free. The bridge is a favorite place for extremists.

московский мост

North bridge

Paton Bridge. It is the world's first judicial bridge and one of the largest bridges in Europe. The length of the bridge is 1543 meters.


Paton Bridge

Havana Bridge. This is the youngest city in Kyiv, which started functioning in 2007 with one-way traffic, and in 2010 - with a bilateral one. In the premises under the bridge there is an open gallery "Art pier", where you can see bright art works. Entrance is free for visitors.


Havana Bridge

Park pedestrian bridge. The park bridge is a great way to the park area and the beach of Trukhanov Islands. This is the most popular place to walk and ... bungee jumping. The bridge is raised above the river at a height of 26 m, but the head wears away from the wind only this way!

парковый мост_2

Park pedestrian bridge

Metro Bridge. This is the world's first arched structure with large runs. The bridge has sidewalks for pedestrians and offers incredible panoramas, so walking through the bridge in the warm spring weather is must have for all guests and city dwellers.

мост метро

Metro bridge