Kyiv in detail: the project “Kyivmural”

While you are supposing Kyiv being concrete, in gray logs and iron lattices of tram tracks, he, incidentally, breaks down all stereotypes and falls in love at first sight with you by looking at the murals. In short, you can read the whole history in the murals of the people who created them - from different countries, different cities, and no different life-styles, which they turned into amazing images on the concrete walls of buildings.

Murals - is a story about how the city became the cradle of "artists on the walls." Every mural is read without words - it has so much love that you (here without chance) will not remain indifferent.

What should you see?

  • "Firebird" - the embodiment of the imagination of Miami Ernesto Maranhe. His paint was stollen, but does this create a problem for the artist?
мурали Києва_жар-птиця


  • "The struggle of nature and capitalism" - the whole main wall of a 16-storey building. Okuda from Spain (the author of the picture) demonstrates the eternal confrontation between the two systems ... and, it seems, only he knows who here put a dot.
мурали Києва_боротьба

The struggle of nature and capitalism. Kyivmural

  • Mural with swallows - child of the Portuguese artist Antonio Correia. This picture shows a story about how swallows are transformed into other animals or vice versa. Here everyone will find their understanding, just see and feel.
мурали Києва_с ласточками

Mural with swallows. Kyivmural

  • "Freedom" is a picture of a big tit swunging on a light bulb. What did the artist want to tell? Perhaps the brightness of the light depends on how strong is the waving of the wings? In the end, Alex Maksirov made daily street walks full of meaning.
мурали Києва_свобода

Freedom. Kyivmural

  • "Revival" is one of the most famous murals of Kyiv, created on Andrievsky descent by artists from France and Ukraine. Such a collaboration is very vividly read in the lines and the plot of the picture is a Ukrainian literally cosmic appearance, symbolizing the supernatural power of the spirit of Ukrainians and patriotism. "Revival" is a story about love and the ability to be inspired by your home city.
мурали Києва_Відрождення

Revival. Kyivmural

  • "Elephant and balloons" - we are creating metrics for which we evaluate life situations. After all, problems can be weightless, as, for example, an elephant on balloons (author Alexander Korban).
мурали Києва_слон і повітряні кулі

Elephant and balloons. Kyivmural

It was a small announcement of a great story about how Kyiv loves urban street art.

Find the geography of the antlers and create your own journey through the heart of Ukraine.