Kyiv in detail: houses of Gorodetsky

What distinguishes Gaudi from Gorodetsky? First, the presence of a beard and, of course, the country of origin. However, these two people were precisely born under one star, because they were called to create a beautiful within their homes. Does the real artist need to have a muse? Yes or no - Gorodetsky was left without a choice and was forced to be influenced by the Kyivan enchantment.

дом с химерами

House with chimeras. Kyiv

Father "House with chimeras" and did not expect that since 2005 his work will become the official residence of the President of Ukraine. Two years of construction (1901-1903) and the creation of Gorodetsky became one of the greatest achievements of the city. The true artwork. The lobby of the house is made on a marine theme, stairs and walls are decorated with stucco ... You should see it for yourself.

дом с химерами_архитектура Городецкого

House with chimeras, min. Kyiv

It seems like a beautiful one can not be seen with eyes. It's great to feel the heart, to breathe in full breast, to touch your palm and see life as it was more than a hundred years ago, when an ordinary person was able to do something with his own hands, which is spoken with enthusiasm despite hundreds of cultural transformations.


Roman Catholic Church of St. Nicholas. Kyiv

The masterpieces of Gorodetsky include the following works:

  • House of the National Art Museum of Ukraine;
  • Roman Catholic Church of St. Nicholas;
  • Karaim kenasu;
  • Monumental facades of the former furniture factory of Joseph Kimayer;
  • Buildings of Vvedensky sewage pumping station on Podol;
Національй художній музей. Київ

House of the National Art Museum of Ukraine

So, talented architects create a city story in whisper and with great love.