Part 2. Ukrainian food: Kyiv style

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Popular national dishes

More than 20 types of red or green borshch, solyanka, kulish, salo, lots of baked dishes - Ukrainian food has complex approach to cooking. Main features of local food are everyday liquid soups, different cereals, meat/fat, baked and stewed vegetables, sweet dishes from berries and fruits. The most common restaurant with the best price/quality balance is Puzata Hata, located on Bessarabska Square, in 10-15 minutes walk from Gar’is Kyiv.


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Boiled fresh dough with stuffings of potatoes, meat, mushrooms, vegetables, fruits, berries and cheese. Usually staffed with fried onions and sour cream. Salty or sweet varenyky are equally great as a main dish or dessert. Varenychna Baluvana Galya in 5 minutes from hostel serves various options of varenyky together with other local dishes.


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Kyivska Perepichka

Well, honestly, that’s a real phenomenon! Just a sausage fried in dough. In the middle of the main street. Just a window in the wall. Even if don’t dare to try it - at least you can make a selfie with the longest queue ever on the background :)

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Bar culture

Kyiv has become a true bar capital of Ukraine now! Lots of the local barmen keep getting awards on international competitions making their cocktails (and the venues atmosphere itself) on the highest level. Here is the list of best bars spotted for you be the locals, but be sure - you’ll always have a chance to find something new and unique at your own ;)

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