Special offers in Gar’is Hostel network or How to get a discount?

garis hostel discounts


We are often asked if it's possible to get a discount for accommodation? The answer is: YES! We understand that one of the main parameters of average hostel guest sensitiveness is the accommodation price. Therefore, there are even more than one way to get a special rate. So we're going to tell you more about them.

Loyalty program for returning guests

Each new guest, regardless of length of stay and room category, during the check-out gets a permanent guest card , which gives a guaranteed discount for the basic price for online booking from our website with a special promotional code. Yes, the discount does not apply on other reservation channels. But, lets agree, what may be more convenient than visiting booking page or our Facebook page, choose the city, dates, room category and immediately receive a confirmation e-mail with all necessary information!

Permanent offers

In order to follow hotel service level, we introduced classical hotel discounts: last minute booking (from 00.00 to 23.59 of arrival day), early booking (more than 30 days prior to arrival), and long reservations (for more than 6 nights). In addition, we have developed a rate for business travelers who usually travel on weekdays. So to get this discount, all you need is to make a reservation at the right time. You can do this on the the website, or contact us to make a request.

Special price for hostel accommodation

Sometimes we decide to make a gift for you. For these dates, the unique price is applied. We always announce it on our Facebook page, in our Blog and on the info-board inside the hostel. Sign up for updates and do not miss the opportunity to use a special offer.

Individual group request

This option is for those who:

  • is involved in corporate travel or event organization
  • responsible for planning a trip for a large group (more than 10 people)
  • wants to stay for a long time
  • travels with group of friends
  • has any other special needs or wishes

In the above cases, just send an e-mail request to and the hostel manager will send you an individual offer tailored to your needs and wishes, additional services, and more.

We hope that now it will be easier for you to plan your trips and find the best accommodation conditions in Gar'is Kyiv or Gar'is Lviv. Looking forward to see you!

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