Part 1. Ukrainian food: Lviv edition

Everyone, who came to see Ukraine for the first time, asks about the best places to try local food. Well, to be honest, those, who return here again and again are sometimes even more interested in this topic! 😋 So today we're going to tell you more about local food in Kyiv and Lviv (yes, they're different).

While Kyiv is the main city in our country, Lviv is the main city in the sense of food and local drinks. It has more western tastes in food, as it's close to Carpathian, and has developed in making special local beverages.

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Dranyky (or Deruny)

The word “deruny” means something that was grated, so it’s simple potato pancakes, usually served with cream, sometimes dressed with garlic or fried onion. They can have different additions inside, like pieces of bacon, mushrooms or cheese. Some restaurants replace bread in burger by two thick dranyks to make this dish more Ukrainian (and fatty also :) )


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Lviv candies are famous not only around Ukraine but make great competition to Belgium sweets. The most various choice is available at Lvivska Maysternya Shokoladu coffee shop where you can try some chocolate desserts with coffee and buy some takeaways as a gift for your friends and family.


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Beer and Nalyvky

Nalyvka is an alcoholic beverage, mostly like liqueur, usually about 30-40% with numerous tastes: berries, honey, ginger, herbs, fruits etc. You don’t have to choose one - ask for tasting set and have fun.

If you prefer something lighter - go for beer hunt! Lviv has numerous local breweries and beer venues so prepare yourself to pub crawl!  Here list of beer places for you.

*Tip* All everyday Ukrainian food you can try at Puzata Hata restaurant just in 5 minutes from Gar’is Lviv. Don’t forget to take your 5% discount card from reception.

Book your stay and enjoy Lviv!