Kyiv in dental: Kyiv FOOD

Kyiv smells of asphalt, chestnuts and street food. Today the metropolitan cuisine is gaining new dimensions and creates an entire tourist area, where you can arrange gastro-tours in the most popular establishments. The first thing that comes to mind - this is a "Kyiv cup" and chopsticks in Kyiv, but in Kyiv, you can try a lot of things that will definitely affect your taste buds.

In fact, all Kyiv cuisine is a way to demonstrate Ukrainian understanding of the achievement of taste and aesthetic orgasm for a penny. The format of the street food festival has long been familiar and close to the inhabitants of the capital.

Organization "Street Food" (Ulichnaya eda) - is an association of people who carry out a number of activities related to the development of tourism. There is no doubt that in the 21st century it is very difficult to surprise someone with dumplings and blueberries, so a new marketing step is to create a cozy atmosphere in the kitchen. This organization holds a city food festival, a street food festival, a coffee festival and the most popular event - White Nights. And if these events are seasonal, then we suggest paying attention to institutions that are constantly working to create an image of the capital's kitchen.

уличная еда

Institutions of the format of 1 euro have also become a win-win alternative to the McDonald's (though, the burger + circle option also takes place while walking through the River Station). We are ready to introduce you to a selection of top popular places, where you can not only have a snack, but also a drink:

  • Pour white
  • Drink cherries
  • Cushion bar
  • naprosekko
  • Flowers Mafia Bar
  • Dogz & Burgerz

білий налив

And this is just a shortlist of the most visited institutions. In May 2019, the Food Station Bay on the Dnipro embankment (Postal Square) will join them. It has 20 sea containers, 17 food points, two bars and a lounge area, and in addition, it is planned to hold exhibitions and shows. This is a prelude to your summer!


Moreover, the Kyiv Food Market is about to be opened soon. It is a sister of all the well-known Odessa food market, the founder of which for five years dared to make a similar jerk in the capital. The market will be at Arsenalna Metro Station, in the old historic building of 1801.

 But what about getting acquainted with the craft breweries? You certainly do not miss out, if you visit "Hammerhead", "Barbarian bar", "Didko", "Mendeleev", "Point of the coma". Why these institutions? Because the atmosphere in them is such that after the visit you will come back again. This is the love of the owners of the institutions to their work, which manifests itself in all details - from the entrance door handles and to the legs of the chair. here everything is breathing really high-quality beer.


Do you just want to eat well and budget? Then you are glad to see the pie "Aunt Clara", "Puzata Khata" (a network of institutions of Ukrainian cuisine and is available all over Kyiv); Varenich Baluvala Galya or Katyusha - price policy is more than available; "Lyubchik" - Odessa restaurant and pizza on Vozdvizhenca .. There is a great opportunity not only to have breakfast for the symbolic 3 euros, but also to admire architecture at the first glance of an ideal but semi-dead city.

And for coffee and cake?

  • Milk Bar - offer not only confectionery, but also breakfast and lunch. Price policy bites, but the impression that remains after the visit is more expensive;
  • Come and Stay - A young coffee shop with prices more than acceptable. There is also a seasonal menu, so you can always visit the cooling lanes in the summer and hot cocoa in the winter;
  • Cookietone is a conceptual bakery created in the format of the showroom. It is worth visiting at least in order to understand what the aesthetics of institutions in Ukrainian are breathing today;
  • Kanapka Bar is a restaurant of modern Ukrainian cuisine on Podil. Summer terrace, live music..and the interior immerses in a sense of comfort at first sight.