Kyiv in detail: METRO project

Kyiv underground bird and in no other way. Kyiv subway is a historic project where you can explore the various stages of the city's development. An entirely alternative way to feel the heartbeat of Kyiv can be literally from the inside - just tap and see.

Difficult to imagine, but for the first time about the metro talked back in 1884. However, at that time, the project looked more like an underground railway from the River Station through the Postal Square and the modern metro station "Vokzalnaya". It is absolutely not surprising, because in the area of ​​Bessarabka, architects have contemplated the construction of a new passenger station.

м. Хрещатик_Гарис хостел

Khreshchatyk Metro Station, opened on November 6, 1960

The question of the construction of the underground was raised 2 more times - in 1916 and 1918, but apparently attempts were unsuccessful. In fact, the need to construct a subway was considered biased. But Kyiv hastily evolved. Since then, the population has grown, so there was a great need to unload the capital's roads. As a result, in June 1936, architects of Kyiv reviewed the graduation work of a student at the Moscow Institute of Transport Engineers, which was called "The Kyiv Metro Project". The student received 1,000 rubles, and Kyiv was the beginning of the development of a new historical branch. As a result, the project was suspended, but after its completion in 1945, three subway lines were approved: Svyatoshyn - Brovary, Kurenivka - Stalinka (Demiyivka today) and Syrets - Pechersk. As a matter of fact, the Kyiv subway hides many interesting in their tunnels.


tracks of the subway

Did you know that in the metro you can celebrate the wedding? True, it is necessary to completely cover all operating expenses on your own, because dancing and entertainment will fall on the night when the metro is closed for passengers. Or the fact that the underground hides three stations-ghosts: "Lviv's gates", "Telichka" and "Herzen".

проект_Львівська брама_метро Київ

project of the station Lviv Brama, Kyiv

The violent 90s made it so that "Herzen" became stillborn and now there is only an evacuation way out. About "Tilichku" were forgotten when they realized that the passenger traffic at the station was not large enough. And the "Lviv Brama" remained a dormant beauty, which lacked funding for the reconstruction of the Lviv square, where the main entrance of the station was supposed to be.

The underground is a simple but wonderful place at the same time. The subway is 822 cars, 52 stations and 124 escalators, this is the deepest metro station in the world - "Arsenalna" - it is at a depth of 105.5 meters, so it is necessary to go down to it for a long time.


Arsenalna station, Kyiv

During the year, the subway carries half a billion passengers. For the entire period of its existence, the Kyiv metro has transmitted three times the entire population of the land. Thousands of passengers drown in carriages every day, and each of them carries his thoughts, life and history.

Incidentally, among all the most unexpected projects, the first place is the voice over the subway voice of the child. However, the question was so controversial that it could not be realized.

м. Іпподром_Київ_Garis

Ipodrom station, opened on November 25, 2012

How tolerant is the Kyiv metro? At the very least, he is almost the only one in the world where kisses are not forbidden. However, one should not neglect the safety rules. And at such moments of spiritual impulses we are most vulnerable and enveloping feelings